Chisinau is the capital of the Republic of Moldova, which got a new look in 1991, after leaving USSR. Positioned in the centre of the historic region of Bessarabia, Chisinau is a multi-ethnic city and the seat of some 36 university faculties as well as the Moldova Academy of Science, the social and cultural centre of the entire country. Chisinau offers architectural beauty and monuments of rare artistic value, which were mainly built during the Tsarist era with the help of virtuous Italian masters and after during the Soviet period.

Considered one of the most green cities in Europe, Chisinau is rich in architectural beauties of a rare artistic value. Hills covered in forests and peaceful valleys with vast fields of sunflowers surrounding the capital city.

5 reasons to visit Chisinau

1. Once in Chisinau you should visit Opera and Ballet Theatre and catch a show of one of the top ballet companies in Eastern Europe. The company has toured all over the world, from Tokyo to Johannesburg.

2. Interested in crafts and crafting, Chisinau Souvenir Bazaar is for you, as it is the city’s main artisan market. One can find handmade crafts, paintings and relics from the Soviet days. Price negotiating is acceptable. 

3. Chisinau is a good place for food lovers. All over the Chisinau there are plenty of good places to eat that serves a large diversity of meals, from traditional to Oriental cuisine. You definetely should try mamaliga and Moldovan wine.

4. Moldova has an ancient history in the wine production. They started producing at it as far back as 3000 BC! Moldova still produces some of the best wines in Europe, despite being so little known at all. Great places to visit for wine lovers are Cricova, Milesti Mici and Purcari and etc.

5. There is no tourist tax around due to being a small industry but also due to the low number of tourists . So you won’t be needed to pay extra 3 euros or more just for visiting or staying in a specific area/ hotel. The fewer expenses, the happier the wallet!

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