Ukraine's step-by-step quarantine exit plan

On April 26, the Prime Minister of Ukraine presented a five-stage plan for ending quarantine in Ukraine. Various cities will gradually begin relaxing quarantine restrictions on their own. Follow local media for specific information regarding each town. In general, the plan indicates that:

  1. When the number of newly detected COVID-19 cases does not increase by more than 5% in any day during a 10-day period, the GOU will reopen parks, recreation areas, and non-food stores; and partially reopen beauty salons, and notary offices.
  2. After the number of new COVID-19 cases declines for 10 days in a row, sporting events involving up to 50 participants will be allowed; hotels and gyms will re-open; and classes will resume for students in their last year of high school.
  3. When COVID-19 patients account for less than 10% of hospital occupancy, certain educational institutions will resume activities; playgrounds will reopen; the metro will start limited operations; and cinemas will be allowed to operate.
  4. After determining that the number of newly detected cases is fewer than five per day in each region for 10 days in a row, all public transportation will resume; malls will reopen; and routine medical and dental care will be allowed.
  5. All quarantine restrictions will be lifted once there are no new cases of community transmission in Ukraine.

Source: Goverment Portal