Ancestry & Heritage tours

Your heritage - regardless of who you forebearers were or
why they made long way from home - is what makes you.
Who your ancestors were is what defines you - who you are – they are literally part of your DNA. But unlike the graph that reports on what percentage of you is X or Y, the chance to tread in the footsteps of family now long dead is the essential experience. To stand in the church where your great-great grandparents married, to stand in the street where your kin played or went to school, is to walk the true steps of history, your history. 

Many of our guests have had the most rewarding and inspiring experiences through visiting the places so closely connected to their families, and, in some cases, finding out unexpected stories about the old country and its way of life.

Davay Poedem travel company, operating in Ukraine and Moldova, offers a unique way in which you can reach out to understand who you are, where you come from and live part of your own history.  In the 18-19 centuries these lands were the part or large Russian Empire and settled with German, French, Swiss and other colonists. During the World War I and Russian civil war a lot of them left their homes and emigrate to Europe and USA. But till our days there are a lot of memories about this international part of Russian history.

Genealogy is not solely a series of faded photos of people that you never met but an experience, an understanding of who you are, where you are from and an appreciation of where your ancestors were born, where they lived, worked, loved and prayed. Where they died, where they are buried and just who you are - their legacy.


Only private tour

Our guide will spend time only with you and those you're traveling with

Visit the family house

Visit the house where your ancestors were born

Tours all year long

Our tours are available throughout Ukraine and Moldova all year long

Enjoy the locals

Learn more about local people, history and traditions.

Uncover your family history

We will help you to find out maximum about your ancestors

Comfortable transportation

During the tour we offer comfortable transport


All of our ancestry & heritage tours are customized and pricing depends on many variables such as length of trip, distance to ancestral town and type of genealogy research needed. For more information or for a free customized estimate, please do not hesitate to contact us.